Why are Wolfram supporting the Overlord Challenge?

CrossFit Wolfram was set up by Alex Nimmo because CrossFit changed his life and he wanted to help other people change theirs. The move from tedious Globo Gym style solo training to short time domain high intensity circuit training has helped thousands globally be fitter, more active, healthier and ultimately have a better quality of life than if they had done nothing, not to mention the community aspect of training together as a team. When member Andy Webb came up with the idea of a 260+ mile row for a challenge to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the D Day landings it seemed natural that CrossFit Wolfram would be 100% behind him. CrossFit is about pushing you out of your comfort zone only to find that your limits turned out to be far, far higher than you ever imagined. Andy is already a man who has faced tremendous adversity in his life and has come out the other side with an enviable attitude to challenges and pain. CrossFit Wolfram is incredibly proud to be supporting this event as athletes test their limits in this endeavour which will exhaust people, make them question why but ultimately allow them to feel a sense of achievement that few people will ever get to experience.